Zbigniew Nowik - Chairman Of The Supervisory Board

He is a PhD in economics (an academic degree obtained at Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris), and an author of economic publications and a book entitled “Nowe instrumenty finansowe i giełdy przyszłości” [New financial instruments and stock market of the future] (1994). In the period 1990-1993 he worked in France in international departments of insurance companies – Union Francaise de Reassurance, Azur, AXA International – in which he dealt with reinsurance and expansion i.e. into Central and Eastern Europe. Having returned to Poland, he advised foreign investors who entered the Polish market or directly managed their investments. He held the following positions: finances director of Castorama (French distribution network) and a director who managed his first supermarket; finance director of Campina (Dutch company) in which he supervised the reconstruction project and managed dairy in Poland. Moreover, he performed a function of the President of the Supervisory Board in IMPEXMETAL S.A. and Vice President of the Supervisory Board in ROLIMPEX S.A. Currently, Zbigniew Nowik is a member of the supervisory board in OT Logistics S.A. and OT Port Świnoujście Sp. z o.o.

Ryszard Warzocha - Member of the Supervisory Board

A manager with broad, long-standing professional experience in managing complex organisational structures in a highly competitive, international environment. Since 2014, employed with OT Logistics Group, initially as Representative of the Management Board in charge of Operations. The President of the Management Board of C.Hartwig Gdynia S.A. as of November 2015 and the Vice-President of the Management Board of OT Logistics S.A. since August 2015. In C.Hartwig Gdynia Group, in charge of company development and restructuring process as well as for the operational integration of the company with OT Logistics Group. Active and effective in his actions, he has repeatedly demonstrated organisational skills which has translated to excellent results achieved by C.Hartwig Gdynia S.A. 
He graduated from the Faculty of Navigation at Maritime University of Szczecin specialising in economics and seaport exploitation. He continued his education taking a post-graduate course in management and marketing, as well as completing MBA at the Warsaw School of Economics. Since 1992, inseparably professionally involved with the logistic sector as an executive. Having initially cooperated with Dan Shipping and Trading, since 1999 he has been a Member of the Management Board and Managing Director of the Polish branch of the British Wincanton Trans European (previously: P&O Trans European), where he was in charge of, inter alia, development, strategy and management of the Polish branch of the company and the region of Central Europe. He has worked for international freight forwarding companies, such as Kuehne&Nagel and Fiege, where he was employed in senior executive positions and was responsible for building sales teams in CEE countries. Adviser with respect to Investment Funds acquisition processes. In 2013, appointed as the President of Zarząd Morskich Portów Szczecin i Świnoujście, where he was in charge of introducing modern principles of company management and implementing necessary structural changes.
Winner of numerous prestigious prizes, including the “Manager of the year 2004” prize awarded by the logistic industry. Fluent in English and German. He has completed numerous courses and trainings in management. Passionate about motorcycles, travels and climbing.

Daniel Górecki - Secretary of The Supervisory Board

Attorney at law. A graduate of a court legal training program followed by a judge’s exam, he subsequently completed the legal adviser training program. He is an expert in commercial law, with a focus on company and contract law. Partner in the Law Office of Advocates and Legal Advisers PGNG Górecki, Nienartowicz, Grodziński s.c. in Wrocław.
His practice focuses primarily on providing legal services related to corporate processes and all matters related to law of contracts. For many years he has provided legal services for Capital Group OT Logistics. As a lawyer he has also cooperated among another with: companies of BOSCH concern, Bank Współpracy Europejskiej SA, Family Finance SA, H.Cegielski SA, CEFARM-WROCŁAW SA, as well as many companies with foreign capital (mainly British and German).
He is a member of governing bodies in a number of commercial companies – a member of supervisory boards, a member of management boards, as well as a liquidator of company assets.

Piotr Ambrozowicz - Member of the Supervisory Board

Mr Piotr Ambrozowicz is a graduate of the Faculty of Informatics and Management at the Technological University of Wrocław (1996) and the Faculty of Management and Informatics at the Academy of Economics in Wrocław (1999); he holds a doctoral degree in economics. 
Mr Ambrozowicz gained his professional experience as the Vice-president of the Board of Work Service S.A. (2010–2014), Controlling Director of Fagor Group (Spain), Financial Director of FagorMastercook (2006–2010), Financial Director and member of the Board of Zetkama FAP (2004-2006), Financial Director of Skanska Hydrotest Branch and member of the Board of Skanska Hydrotest (2002–2004), Financial Director of Telefonii Dialog S.A. (2000–2002). From 2014 Mr Piotr Ambrozowicz was the CEO of CEE OTTO Polska, belonging to OTTO Work Force BV – the leader of the European global market of job placement. He also held or still holds managerial and supervisory functions in the following companies: Industry Personnel Services Sp. z o.o., Finance Care Sp. z o.o., Sellpro sp. z o.o., Energy Sp. z o.o., Work Service Slovakia s.r.o., Work Service Outsourcing Slovakia s.r.o., Medi Staff Sp. z o.o., Work Service IP Cypr Ltd., IT Kontrakt Sp. z o.o., Sellpro Sp. z o.o., Finance Care Sp. z o.o., Exact Systems Sp. z o.o., People Care Sp. z o.o., OTTO Slovensko s.r.o., OTTO Czech s.r.o., OTTO Workforce Hungary Kft, OT Port Świnoujście Sp. z o.o.
Mr Piotr Ambrozowicz possesses variety of qualifications and experience in development and growth of business, reorganization, company acquisitions and financing as well as in the management of an international team.

Jacek Klimczak - Member of the Supervisory Board

Jacek Klimczak – a graduate of Gdansk University, the faculty of Economics and Organization of Sea Transport.
He gained his knowledge of port operations while taking part in trainings at home and abroad, and courses in law, finance, economics of transport in Polish international trade, passing through nu-merous stages of management ranging from the process engineer at the Port of Gdynia Authority, head of the Operations Department of Gdansk-Gdynia Seaports, the initiator of the Foreign Trade Office in the Port of Gdynia Authority, Pomeranian Voivode’s plenipotentiary for Seaports to the posts of the Chief Executive Officer of the Port Północny Authority Ltd and Rudoport Joint Stock in Gdansk in the years 2006-2014.
Between the years 2006 and 2013, he initiated and implemented the project of the construction of the Baltic’s most modern Bulk Cargo Terminal in the Port of Gdansk.
He was also a delegate of the Pomeranian Voivod to the Parliamentary Committee of Infrastructure working on the draft amendment to the Act on Ports and Harbors in the years 2004-2005.
He devoted part of his professional work to running of a specialized office offering legal and eco-nomic consulting for enterprises. 
As of 2013 until present, he is the Chairman of the Port of Gdansk Business Board.
He is a member of the Gdansk Business Club and Supervisory Board in OT Port Gdynia and OT Port Świnoujście.
Since July 2014, he has been the President of OT Porty Morskie SA [OT Seaports Joint Stock], at the same time being employed with OT Logistics SA as the Seaports Manager. 

Jacek Dubicki - Member of the Supervisory Board

Mr. Jacek Dubicki is a graduate of the University of Gdansk, Faculty of Transport Economics with a specialization in Operation Sea Ports (1988), and received title of qualified manager “Diploma in Shipping and Port Management" at the University of Delaware, USA and Singapore Port Institute, Singapore (1992). He also completed postgraduate studies at the French Institute of Management in Warsaw (1996) and a Master Degree of Business Administration in Gdańsk Foundation for Management Development in collaboration with the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, graduating MBA (1998). Experience gained in the Maritime Commercial Port Gdańsk SA, PPSU Wiślany Sp. o.o. and Siarkopol Gdańsk SA. His managerial abilities developed as a Management Representative of the Port of Gdańsk SA, President of the Board of BCT - Baltic Container Terminal Ltd. in Gdynia, as well as the Management Representative and Head of the Office of Strategy and Development at the Port of Gdynia SA. Since 2001, Mr. Dubicki was President of the Board of Baltic General Cargo Terminal  Ltd. (From VI.2015 the OT Port Gdynia Sp. o.o.), which is a part of the OT Logistics Group. Since 1st January 2016 he has been working as the Head of Ports OT Logistics Group in OT Logistics SA, where he is responsible for the strategic management and supervision of the operational efficiency of companies included in the Port Division.



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