Bunge Polska Sp. z o.o. is a part of Bunge Group, one of the largest in the world processor of corns and oil plants. The company is in possession of the storing and handling Terminal, handed over for exploitation in 2011, for agricultural products, situated at Portowców Quay in Świnoujście. 

At its disposal there is storage capacity exceeding 50 thousand tones and annual handling capability oscillating at 700 thousand tones. Bunge Trade Polska Terminal in Świnoujście is the only one on the site of Szczecin Lagoon which allows to service seagoing vessels, including Supramax and Panamax vessels. 

The unit specializes in soya meal and rape meal handling.

Thanks to application of the newest technological solutions, handling values equal as follows: 

Implemented GMP+3B systems and ISO 22000:2005 guarantee the highest quality and safety standards of handled materials.

The Terminal at Portowców Quay is one of the biggest investments of Bunge Group in this part of Europe.