General cargos have always been an important component of general bulk serviced in OT Port Świnoujście. These types of cargo necessitate possession of highly specialized crew regarding handling techniques, stowage and fastening cargo, and very efficient equipment adjusted to various parameters of cargo.

OTPŚ was the first in Poland to install two mobile cranes DOR (140 tonnes each) at Górników Quay. Thanks to these devices, handling heavy items has become a way more efficient and inexpensive. To service conventional general cargos, there is a set of machines and devices operating in vessels’ holds and yards.

In addition to handling, the Terminal provides the possibility of storing goods both in yards and in roofed venues, as well as the full range of additional services such as ready-made items, sorting, marking, weighing, rotating, assembling, integrating, forming, etc. The main general goods are metallurgical products – slabs, billets, rolled and sheet metal plate, pipes, bars deformed in bundles and rolls, smooth bars, profiles, rails and others, i.e. elements of wind towers, steel structures, vehicles, etc.

An annual potential of the Terminal equals 1,5 million tones of various cargos and maximum handling values reach 10 000 tonnes per day.